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Survey on Hadoop and Spark application scenarios

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作者 冯兴杰,王文超
机构 中国民航大学 a.计算机科学与技术学院;b.信息网络中心,天津 300300
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文章编号 1001-3695(2018)09-2561-06
DOI 10.3969/j.issn.1001-3695.2018.09.001
摘要 Spark的崛起对作为当前最为流行的大数据问题解决方案的Hadoop及其生态系统形成了有力的冲击,甚至一度有人认为Spark有取代Hadoop的趋势,但是因为Hadoop与Spark有着各自不同的特点,使得两者拥有不同的应用场景,从而Spark无法完全取代Hadoop。针对以上问题,对Hadoop与Spark的应用场景进行了分析。首先介绍了Hadoop与Spark的相关技术以及各自的生态系统,详细分析了两者的特性;最后针对两者特性,阐述了Hadoop与Spark各自所适应的应用场景。
关键词 Hadoop;Spark;大数据;生态系统;应用场景
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英文标题 Survey on Hadoop and Spark application scenarios
作者英文名 Feng Xingjie, Wang Wenchao
机构英文名 a.SchoolofComputerScience&Technology,b.InformationNetworkCenter,CivilAviationUniversityofChina,Tianjin300300,China
英文摘要 The rise of Spark has a strong impact on Hadoop and its ecological system as two big data problems solutions, even some people think that Spark has the trend to replace Hadoop, but because Hadoop and Spark have different characteristics, so they have different application scenarios, as a result, Spark cannot completely replace Hadoop.Based on the above problems, this paper analyzed the application scenarios of Hadoop and Spark.First it introduced the Hadoop and Spark related technologies and their ecosystems, and then detailed analysis of the characteristics of the two, finally for the two characteristics, described the Hadoop and Spark each adapted to the application scenarios.
英文关键词 Hadoop; Spark; big data; ecosystem; application scenarios
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