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Survey of indoor location-aware technology for RFID tag

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作者 邱兰馨,黄樟钦,梁笑轩
机构 北京工业大学 a.北京未来网络科技高精尖创新中心;b.北京市物联网软件与系统工程技术研究中心,北京 100124
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文章编号 1001-3695(2017)12-3521-06
DOI 10.3969/j.issn.1001-3695.2017.12.001
摘要 位置信息是构建智慧城市和物理信息融合系统的基本要素,利用射频识别(RFID)技术对带有射频标签的物体或人员进行位置感知被视做是提供室内“最后一米”精准位置信息的关键。为推进RFID位置感知技术研究,主要从参数提取和位置估计方法两方面对RFID标签位置感知关键技术的发展现状进行了总结;探讨了诸如远距离通信、标签技术等与位置感知相关的各类技术及其应用场景;最后指出了RFID位置感知技术的未来发展方向。
关键词 射频识别;位置感知;定位算法;标签
基金项目 国家自然科学基金资助项目(6150218)
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英文标题 Survey of indoor location-aware technology for RFID tag
作者英文名 Qiu Lanxin, Huang Zhangqin, Liang Xiaoxuan
机构英文名 a.BeijingAdvancedInnovationCenterforFutureInternetTechnology,b.BeijingEngineeringResearchCenterforIoTSoftware&Systems,BeijingUniversityofTechnology,Beijing100124,China
英文摘要 Location information is one of the basic elements for smart city and cyber-physical system. Using RFID-based locate awareness technology to locate the tagged object or human is regarded as a significant solution to provide the accuracy location information of the indoor “last one meter”. This paper gave a survey of RFID-based tag location awareness technology. This paper mainly separated RFID-based tag locationaware technology into two parts as feature extraction and localization estimation, and summed up and concluded currently relative researches. In addition, it explained the relative RFID technologies that would introduce possible impact for positioning accuracy and anti-jamming capability such as long range communication and new tag design, as well as a detailed study of application scenarios. At the end, it concluded and figured out the future trends and challenges for RFID-based location awareness technology.
英文关键词 RFID; location-aware; localization algorithm; tag
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